Annapolis Horticulture Society

- Current Month's Speaker Bio -

On Wednesday, April 3, please join Dr. W. Carl Taylor when he speaks about “Native Ferns in the Landscape”. Ferns make great additions to gardens. There are many kinds and lots of them are easy to grow. Some will thrive in sunny places, others in rock gardens, wet areas, or window sills. Many species of ferns are available from nurseries, garden centers and Internet vendors. Dr. Taylor will identify some suitable garden ferns for the mid-Atlantic region. He will describe the unique structure of ferns, as well as their fascinating life cycle, which reveal why ferns grow where they do and what they need from you as a gardener. In addition, he will show that ferns are easy and fun to grow from spores. >/p>

We will meet at St. Anne's Parish Hall, 199 Duke of Gloucester Street, Annapolis, MD. Enter via Charles Street or the South Street Parking lot.